Spotlight: Shadowspear meets the Vlka Gungir

Caught up in the wave of recent Primaris releases, Alan has added some of the new Vanguard units to his Rout… Seeing the Shadowspear release was a real thrill, GW are knocking it out of the park at the moment with amazing sculpts and seem to have upped their game in relation to social media.… Continue reading Spotlight: Shadowspear meets the Vlka Gungir

New Army Focus: The Imperial Cult

We have a special article for you all today – George is sharing with us how he begun on his journey to start an Imperial Cult! When the new Genestealer Cults models were announced I became very conflicted. I had always loved the aesthetic of the GSC, particularly their rugged civilian vehicles, but had always… Continue reading New Army Focus: The Imperial Cult

Battle Report: the Vlka Gungnir meet Hive Fleet Kraken

Alan has another of his battle reports for us today, with his Rout facing off against the Tyranid horde! See how he fares… The Valhalla System, Oathed in fealty to the Allfather, the Wolf King and the Vl legion since the days of the Great Crusade. Vital industrial worlds for the supply of arms and… Continue reading Battle Report: the Vlka Gungnir meet Hive Fleet Kraken

Spotlight: Eliot’s Morannon Orcs

Eliot has been dabbling in the Middle Earth SBG universe and has started a Mordor army – check out his orcs below! When it comes to geek franchises, I have a natural affinity to naughtyness and tend to side with the big baddies. For Star Wars it’s Vader. In DC it’s the Joker. In 40K… Continue reading Spotlight: Eliot’s Morannon Orcs

Gecko Painting Pledges – March

Each month, a bunch of Geckos pledge to complete a certain amount of miniature painting – with varying success rates (its all beautiful though). So we are a bit late, but here are a selection of our completed painting pledges for March. The April pledges are already well underway, let see how the Geckos get… Continue reading Gecko Painting Pledges – March


Today Karim is sharing with us his first part of his Abaddon series: Cometh the Despoiler. Karim is a long time Black Legion player and has much to share: enjoy. An in-depth look at Abaddon the Despoiler When the time came for my first, purpose written contribution to the blog, I knew it would be… Continue reading COMETH THE DESPOILER – Part 1